Thursday, November 29, 2012

November Thankfuls

So it seems like these last few months have been kind of rough for me. Since I stopped seeing my naturalist doctor on a regular basis, I have been getting more symptoms. I have the worse acne ever!! I am 30 years old. I shouldn't be experiencing this still/again. I have been so frustrated with this. I haven't had my period in about 5 months. I have gained 10 pounds back from the 20 I lost. UGG!! So I have been feeling kind of sorry for myself lately.

I talked to my doctor a couple of times over the phone/text/visits and have come to the conclusion that I cannot have any gluten whatsoever and very little sugar. Now that I have stayed away from gluten totally, even the littlest amount makes me pretty sick. The sugar is most likely making my hormones go out of wack. This is including any carbs that turn into sugars. At first I was pretty sad about that, but now when I taste sugar a lot of it seems to sugary. I am not able to eat that much anyway. I went and saw my Endo. doctor and told him about the symptoms I was  having. He said that it sounds like, and is mostly likely Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). When he told me I was like.. what the crap!! Seriously?!?!... this is getting old.  I seriously don't know why I didn't think about this myself. Nakoa has this, so why can't I? She also has diabetes because of it.  I thought that i might have to do more with my Hashimotos, because that has to do with my hormones and sugars. I haven't taken the blood test yet, but I am 99.9% sure that is what it is. We will see I guess.

So now I am taking this supplement to see if I can get back on track with my girl problems and watch my sugar more closely. Also, it turns out that PCOS makes it harder for you to lose weight too.

I am been really lucky though. Someone has been watching out for me and making sure that I don't get too down. I have been reminded often how blessed I am still. With it being still November. I thought I would list all the things I am thankful for.

1. I am thankful for my husband! I definitely been kind of a brat lately with a lot of things. He is the one that fixes dinner and comes up with new ideas for it now and I appreciate it so much! Especially with all the stuff I can't have now.
2.I am thankful for a family that is so supportive and is there when I need them. I feel that I am lucky to have such a close family that loves each other so much!
3. I am thankful for my two nephews and neice. This year we got a new addition to the family!  They give me so much happiness! I love all 3 so much!
4. I am thankful that I live in this country! I can't help but wonder why I was put here on earth at this time and in this country. I have it so easy compared to others outside of this country. Just watch the news and listening to friends of mine about their home countries has a lot impact on me.
5. I am thankful for my education and my awareness of certain things, and experience. My mom and dad taught my brother and sisters how to serve when we were young.  I think my parents have done a good job in that sense of teaching us about things around us and to look around. I hope that makes sense.
6. I am thankful to have found doctors that can help me with my illnesses. I seriously don't know what I would do if I didn't find the right doctors to help me. I would still be so sick.
7. I am thankful for my job. I am lucky to have a job that has good benefits. I am able to pay my doctor bills!
8. I am thankful for Wholefoods, Sprouts store, and other stores that carry the good stuff that I can have :)
9. I am thankful for drugs! ;)  If I didn't have what I needed I would still probably be pretty sick.
10. I am thankful for my friend! Even though I haven't had a lot time to spend with them lately, they have gotten me through a lot and kept me sane.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Treatment Done!!

So I am finally done with the treatment. I went through supplements to help digestion system, adrenaline system, and my brain. I definitely feel so much better. School has been out for a couple of weeks now and I am able to exercise more. I went running at Liberty Park the other day and made it all the way around without stopping. This is huge for me because before I wasn't even able to get 1/4 of the way around without huffing and puffing and feeling like I can't breathe with no energy. I was way excited! Kyle and I have already gone on a hike. I am hoping to get a lot more in before it gets too hot. My body definitely doesn't feel like it use to. Although my brain isn't so foggy anymore I still have a little bit of trouble with it. I feel like I have to explain myself to other people cuz I feel stupid forgetting words and stuff.

 My digestion is doing a lot better. I have to drink some apple cider vinegar every now and again. My body doesn't produce enough acid to break down food in my stomach so I get burpy and feel kind of bloaded like I am full all the time. The apple cider vinegar helps with this. Around finals time I was feeling really stressed out and I knew I wasn't going to feel well soon because of it. I got pretty sick and had to take some more supplements to calm myself down. There is this adrenacalm lotion stuff that I put on my wrists to help me calm down. It is amazing! It helps so much! It is kind of like a xanex :)

My next step is to get ripped again. :) I really want to lose another 20 lbs at least and get my muscle tone back. I still am feeling tired around 4-6 so it has been kind of hard to get the motivation to exercise each day. I feel my muscles coming back slowly though. :)

The food options haven't been so bad. Since I can't have gluten I have had great bread options. I haven't been able to find a good roll though. I really miss that and cookies :/  I crave the weirdest stuff though. Beans, who craves beans?? cheese, green peppers. So weird. Kyle and I went up to Park City the other day and found a pizza place that had gluten free crusts. I am not really suppose to have tomatoes, so I am careful with how much pizza I eat. It was soo good to have pizza again though. I heard that Dominos has a new gluten free pizza. I can't wait to try it! I have been so lucky with Kyle. He has been finding me all of this gluten free stuff and has been eating mostly everything with me. He is the best! My doctors have been really awesome too! I have been referring anyone and everyone that is willing to listen. They treat a wide range of people from autoimmune diseases, to IBS.  They have been really good to help us with whatever we need and have still made sure that we know that they are still there.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Catching Up

Blaaah! I haven't written in a while. School started up again and I have been trying to get crocheting stuff ready for Michaela's baby. I haven't had a lot of time to do anything else. The last visit I wrote about I talked to my doctor about eating chocolate over the holiday. He said that he wasn't going to give me permission, but sounded like I will probably eat some anyway. I actually was set on not eating any, but when he said that I had to. :) I had to take my blood test before doing so if I flared up the illness again the results would be on how I was before. So I went in and got a blood test and then that day I hate a little bit of chocolate. (This was a few days before Christmas. ) Then the next day I had a bit more. I was fine both days. On Christmas Eve we went over to Kyle's parent's house and had dinner. I had a little bit of fudge and then some potatoe salad. These were the only two things that I had that was out of the norm. About 20 minutes later I wasn't feeling so good. Diarrhea, sick to my stomach, bad headache, bad anxiety... not good! Parently poops means everything. Haha.. welcome to my world. Sometimes when this happens I wish I had a xanex!

The next day I still wasn't feeling so good. I wanted some more chocolate so I had a bit more. It made me even worse very fast. My anxiety got a lot worse. Feeling so good before and then feeling that bad again made me realize how sick I was before. I have no idea how the heck I even functioned at all. After that I didn't even want to touch to chocolate.

So the next appointment we had was on the 5th. The doctor said that I probably won't be able to each chocolate. But then he said that when I flare it up then sometimes the things I eat after will make it worse or I will be more sensitive. So there might be a chance I can still have it. We just have to figure out what flared it up and made me so sick. He told me to go back on the original diet and then call him the next Monday. I called him that Monday and I was feeling better, but I was going to job interviews that week and noticed that when I get nervous my body goes crazy. When I was leaving the house before an interview one day my body started going crazy. I started getting really sick and I had to go number 2 all of a sudden. It was pretty...haha. I didn't think I was going to make it. I was finally able to calm myself down and I was ok. Since then I have felt a lot better. It took me a while to start feeling better though.

We saw the doctor again last week on Thursday. We got our blood tests back. Since we started I have lost 20 pounds and my A1C (overall blood sugar) has gone down from 6.1 (I think it was) to 5.7. The 6.1 was prediabetic. Nakoa's has gone down as well. When she started she was on medication and at a diabetic range. But now she is off medication and at a 5.7 just as I am! AWESOME!!

Next now that I am feeling better we should be working on the Gastrointestinal tract. Since being diagnosed I have had a lot of gas coming out of both ends.. haha! I have never burped so much in my life. It is a bit embarassing because I can't control it.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another Visit

Another week another Dr. visit. The visits are getting shorter now since we both are doing so good. He hasn't added anything and probably won't for a while since we are going to do another blood test again in a few weeks. This past week when he added cheese I figured out that tomatoes was making my hands hurt. Kind of like arthritis. I was eating nachos w/salsa and it started hurting that day. I then cut out the tomatoes and I started to feel better. So no tomatoes for me :(. So, so far I have to be careful with what meats I eat. So all natural meat. Also, I have to make sure my veggies are washed really well to make sure the pesticides are off or buy organic and then no tomatoes. Both Nakoa and I are still having some problems with our memory(foggy brain), but that will come eventually where we will work on that part of our body. I know body won't be the same as it was before, but I still feel really good. I am sad about the foods I can't eat, but it is worth feeling better. I know how badly my dad felt and how others with diabetes suffer. I am so greatful that I have found something that is helping. These coming weeks we are kind of reverting back to the original diet so that our test come back good. The carbs is what is probably making my blood sugar go up so, Dr. Redd is wanting me to eat that sparingly. I said to myself that I was going to have some chocolate no matter what for Christmas, but that isn't happening. It is going to be sooo hard. I know that my weight is probably contributing to a high blood sugar level so I am starting to work out more so that I can drop it finally. He said that once the Hashimoto gets better that it will lower as well.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Haven't blogged for a while. The last couple of weeks have been good. The doctor added rice, butter, potatoes, and cheese. I haven't had any side effects from them yet. There different cheese's that I might react different to, but I haven't tried all of them. During these weeks I had celery. I don't think I washed it off good enough because I started getting an allergic reaction. The next time I had it I soaked it in water to make sure all the pesticides and stuff were off of it. I was fine. So I guess I have to be careful with the pesticides that are on certain things.
I have been sick as well and that can make the Hashimoto flare up as well. I stopped losing weight for a week while I was sick. I wasn't able to weight myself this last visit though.
Thanksgiving was great! He gave us permission to cheat. He just didn't want me to eat gluten. I wanted and still want a roll so bad! I had some turkey, yams that had brown sugar, corn, carrots, and then for dessert I had pumpkin pie!! It was sooooo good! It was hard to go back to the diet...
I feel so good! I can't believe how much I have changed in the way I feel. I have forgotten how it feels not to be tired all day long. I think I have 1 more week of the supplements that I am on and then I will do another blood test to see how the last 3 months have been.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

O Happy Day!

Today is the happiest day of my life! Ok, ok... maybe one of the happiest days of my life. Went to the doctor again today. I was on a mission to convince him to add more food! It didn't take much and I scored..big!! At first he was going to add rice and I was really happy about that because then I could have sushi! Then he said corn and I was like YES CORN!! So there it is, I can now have POPCORN!! We are not totally in the clear yet though. I have to see if the corn reacts to the disease and see if I get any side effects from eating it. Then I can try the butter on the popcorn! This totally makes my day.. actually month!

With the beef I had an idea to try it all natural where it is grass fed, hormone free, and antibiotic free. Kyle and I tried it, it was a little gamey at first, but I got use to it and I had no side effects from it! Anyone know why they even put all that stuff in the meat? I find it kind of crazy! Anyone watch Food Inc. or King Corn on Netflix? If you haven't you should! I know that they feed the cows other things like corn to fatten them up faster and cheaper. Not sure about the hormones and such.

Anywho! It is crazy how good I feel! Everyone comments on how different I am. A lot of them say that I have a sparkle in my eye.. haha! I am think I am just so ecstaticed about losing 12 1/2 pounds! I am definitely starting feel myself that way as well! I do hate that I can feel tired depending on what I eat. When I ate that beef that made me tired I was kind of wierded out about that something just like that can make me feel that different. Another thing that I noticed striggers something is how much sleep I get. It seems that when I stay up late and don't get enough sleep that in the next few days I will start to have a lot of anxiety. I woke up this morning with a clenched jaw and headache. Bleck!

I am still taking the same supplements for now. I think next week he will change it up. We will see.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Past 2 weeks

Met with the doctor again this today. Last week week when we met we went over my the tests results that we took when we first started. The tests mainly said that I am on my way to adrenal fatigue. I am in the 4th stage of 7 stages of adrenaline fatigue. There were other concerns, but this is the one that they will address for now. They gave me supplements to help with my brain fog, adrenaline fatigue, low blood sugar, stress, and to help my immune system.
Overall i am still doing really good. With the new foods, i tried them all at once and went to the dentist all in one day. The next couple of days I was feeling really tired and because i took everything at once I didn't know which food or drug (dentist) was making me feel tired. To make a long story short I tried beef again and when I eat a bigger amount of it it makes me quite tired the next day. So it sounds like there won't be very much beef for me in the future. Today I went back to the dentist to have them fix a tooth. They gave me the anesthesia, but not as much this time and all day I was feeling quite tired. So I guess it was the combination of the beef and drugs. I haven't really been the biggest fan of beef, but my body seems to crave it every once in a while so i don't think staying away for the most part will be that bad.
This past couple of weekends Kyle and I have been going hiking. My endurance compared to before has been really good. I completed a mile hike when before on the same hike I couldn't even get a quarter of the way through. I have lost altogether 9 pounds since I started this program. i have noticed though when I ate the beef or when I flared up the illness that I slowed down with losing the weight. The doctor said that sometimes i might even gain weight, that when the illness flares up that my body keep hold of the fat and then when the inflammation goes down that it is then able to release the fat. Pretty interesting.
Other than that I think I got a hold on the medication thing. I lowered my meds again thinking that it would help with my anxiety. It helped, but then I started getting really tired and emotional. I decided to higher it again because I would rather feel anxiety than tired and emotional. I think the supplements are helping with the anxiety now, but I think with the meds I have the right dosage, but I have just have to decide how long to wait to take the extra pill. If that makes sense.
Anyway, that is what has been going on. Cross you fingers that I get more food for Thanksgiving!